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One last message to say I am leaving Livejournal.  It's been fun, but I don't get over here as often as I used to, thanks to Facebook.  So it just makes sense to make these posts there.  Most of you have Facebook accounts so you won't be missing anything, in fact you might hear from me more often.  For the rest that are not on Facebook (yet), sorry, and get a FB account soon.

So long, and thanks for everything! 

So 2007 has come to a close, and on the whole I'm excited about the coming year.  A lot have things have changed in my life in the past year, and this year will continue that trend.  I'm making some major changes, and other changes have been forced upon me.

On the weight-loss front, things are going well.  I managed to control my diet over the holidays, with the only day of failure being the House of Style New Year's Day Brunch.  Oh so much food...  But I stayed away from a great deal of the xmas baking that usually gets me, and stuck to me eating plan in spite of the many chances to ditch it.  Most of those opportunities came through work.  I had forgotten, not having worked in an office over the holidays for a while, exactly how much bad-for-you food crops up in that environment.  But I dodged it, and without hurting the feelings of co-workers whose only personal validation comes from successfully dispensing their sugar-packed wares.  Unless of course they are somehow reading this, in which case I just totally crushed them.  Oh well.  My workouts are going great, thanks to a fantastic program I'm trying from Men's Health Magazine.  I just finished the second week of the second section of the program.  All told I have another twelve weeks of the program to go through, then I'll assess and see where I want to go from there.  The great thing about it is I can just run the program through again using more advanced exercises.  So I can basically "rinse and repeat" until I am where I want to be.

Speaking of work, I have begun the countdown to freedom from temping/admin work.  I have decided to go back to school, starting this end-of-April, to study nursing.  I will be entering the nursing program at Norquest College and within two years (three if I do it part-time to avoid massive debt load), I will be an LPN.  Nursing is something that has always been in the back of my mind, and for one reason or another I am motivated to make it work.  Frankly, it will be exciting to be back in school, learning new skills.  And when you think about it, nursing uses some skill sets I already have.  After all, nurses are sort of the stage managers of the medical world, right?  And I have it on good authority, from a nurse none-the-less, that I would be good at it.  So I am currently working my way through the Anatomy Colouring Book (no lie, its awesome and I'm going to give one to my kids one day) to study up on my anatomy and physiology.  I haven't been back to school since...very a long time ago, so this will be challenging.

This doesn't mean I've stopped writing.  I have no intention of giving that up, and in fact I don't think I could even if I wanted to.  I did not reach my 50,000 word goal for National Novel Writing Month.  But I did crank out about 37,000 and I have been adding to that total little by little.  I am committed to finishing the first draft and then working up a second.  I have no idea how to get a novel published, or even read by someone who knows, but I'll figure that out as needed.  And I'm still writing short stories et al, including a neat little gem about the time police detail charged with protecting Hitler from people trying to alter the time-line.  I particularly like that story, and the concept already has the Devin Seal of Approval ("I totally want to read that when you are done writing it!").  I fully intend to keep writing even when I'm a nurse; I expect that might help keep me sane inside the job.

So as things stand, 2008 is looking pretty good.  There are a few things on my mind, but I am waiting for those to sort themselves out in their own time.  In the meantime, I am writing, learning, losing (weight) and waiting.  So life is okay.

*     *     *

So this may be my last post on Livejournal.  I've decided to post using the Notes section on Facebook, since it will serve the same function as posting here.  I'll still keep my account so I can keep track of what you guys are up to, but most of my writing will be over their.

Presenting the 1001st use for Wikipedia.

1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click Random Article (on the side menu). That is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Band Name:  Stratford Langthorne (celtic/punk/mongolian throat singer fusion, here we come!)
Album: Romania's Role in the Kosovo Crisis (a taut, three-chord musical critique of international politics)

1. Intergenic Region
2. Magdalena Trzebiatowska
3. Lome-Tokoin Airport
4. Congress of the Philippines
5. Larry Wall
6. Debbie Matenopoulos
7. Meribel Ice Palace
8. Scaly-throated Leaftosser (a scathing attack on the Bush administration)
9. Hong Kong 1941
10. Binfield, Isle of Wight
11. Grand Haven Charter Township, Michigan
12. San Marino Grand Prix
13. Littorina Unifasciata Antipodum
14. Allegheny Plateau
15. My Early Life

Bonus Tracks:
a) Hujr ibn Adi - a brutal yet flaccid musical critique of the war in the Middle East, heavily influenced by the tonic scale and the whammy bar.
b) List of Cities in Germany Starting with IJ - a delightful three note re-imagining of "Modern Major General", in two-four time
c) Serie A 1962-63 - because my dad really liked soccer, and I promised I would put a song about soccer on the album.  Hi Dad!

Destined to be under-appreciated by smelly teens draped in black the world over.  A run away from hit!

Without fail, as fall becomes winter I fight hibernation.  Fall has always been a time of re-evaluation for me, a time to take stock, see what needs repair over the long winter isolation, and get things in shape for the coming spring.  But every year I have to fight to actually use the winter months for that purpose.  More often than not I manage the first part, self evaluation.  All too often I let slip the second, the actual repair.

I am determined that this winter will be different.  There are major differences in my life now, internal and ex-, and I will fight to stay awake, avoid respite in hibernation.  Too many things are in need of repair before the spring, too many things in need of attention.

And quite frankly, I'm tired of the sleep.  I have a good reason not to this year.  So here is to staying awake.

Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Lifehouse

Skype and the new cell phone have taken the edge off, but not removed, the longing brought on by absence.  Seeing her is good, in the sense that the alternative is to not see her.  Not unlike the prospect of amputation seems fantastic when faced by death from sepsis.  And the reference to amputation is not accidental; I feel like I am missing a part of me.  I will find myself, at several points of the day, with a feeling of lack approaching loss.  I will emotionally try to scratch a "phantom limb", and realize it's absence only after I reach for it.

Added to this, my Lady is sick with a capital "What is that stuff coming out of your lung!".  Normally, my course would be clear: nurturing and mothering until my other half was well.  I can sling chicken soup with the best of them, and have forgotten more ways to use garlic than most people will ever know.  I would nurse the hell out of her!  But I can't, and instead I watch a time-delayed Alannah cough and wheeze.  *sigh*

Both Alannah and I feel the apart-ed-ness very keenly.  We are both of us tactile people, and the touch of a loved one is very important to  both of us.  Denied that, we find it hard.  I cannot describe the myriad ways I look forward to her arrival in Edmonton in two weeks.  We will, and I say this with the granite power of certainty, spend a number of hours just hugging/cuddling.

By the by, from 1pm Saturday September 29th to 2pm Sunday September 30th, I will be unavailable for anything.  I am spending that time with Alannah.  Period.  Full stop.  I will answer no phones, nor brook interruption.  So save the emergencies until after, 'kay?

Lest you think that all is maudlin depression, beneath the heavy sense of absence is this: a rock-solid certainty that this too shall pass, and we will come out the other side.  Not unscathed, but scathed in such a way as to strengthen.  I believe it to be so, and therefore it must be.

Current Location: In love.
Current Mood: restlessrestless

Things proceed apace.  Alannah started teaching today,  and I'll find out how her first day went tonight.  Thanks to Skype, Alannah and I stay in touch quite easily.  And because her new laptop has a built-in webcam, I can see her through Skype as well.  Now I just need to track down one so she can see me, and things will be as close to good as we can make them.  If anyone withing the sound of this blog has a spare they can lend me for a few weeks, that would be swell...

Work is...work.  They still haven't really figured out what they are doing with me, so right now I continue my jack-of-all-trades role.  I don't normally mind that, except communication is not a strong suit here, so when I am working for Dept. A, I inevitably have someone from Dept.B asking me why I'm not doing their work.  *sigh*  I have, however, made myself indispensable in many ways, so job security is a problem for other people.  I will, in fact, be training the new AP person in their data entry, since I currently know more about our Expense Purchasing system than anyone else here.  Which is a bit of a sad commentary on the well-being of this company, but job security...

More later. 

Alannah left for Grande Prairie this morning.

I'm ever so proud of her, and I love her so much.

And right now I would punch a kitten for looking at me the wrong way.

Current Location: Where Alannah isn't
Current Mood: crankycranky
Current Music: The Blues

For those that may not have heard the news, my beautiful Intended Alannah got her first teaching job!  She will teach English and Religion at a Catholic high school in Grande Prairie.  I can't even express how proud of her I am; she is one of those people for whom teaching is a vocation, a calling.  It warms me to my soul to see her starting off on a fantastic career.

This does not come without some trials for both of us.  We talked about it, and for a variety of reasons we decided it would be best for me to stay living in Edmonton while she does her first year in GP.  Seems the Catholic School Board would take issue with me living with Alannah, so I would have to get a separate apartment anyway.  As well, the company I'm temping for would like me to come on full-time, and that would mean an increase in pay (and thus an increase in what can be put towards next summer's wedding, and a house, an...you get the idea), as well as the chance for some other benefits.  Weigh that against the relative ease of travel between GP and Edmonton, allowing her and I to visit back and forth, and it does not seem too big an impediment.

If we were at a different stage in our relationship, if we were just dating instead of courting, I might be worried about this separation.  And I won't lie, I am not happy at spending so much time apart from my Love.  But our relationship is strong, we love each other so completely, that I am going into this with complete faith that out relationship will continue to grow and develop.  I love her, she loves me, and we are doing what is best for our family of two.

So if you see her between now and the 26th, wish her well.  She is a Teacher now, and I couldn't be prouder of my Love.

Current Mood: happyhappy

Just wanted to send out a thank-you to everyone that has sent me birthday wishes.  I'm just spending a quiet day in, so if you would like to come and join Alannah and I while we do so, by all means, drop by and play some games.

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

Not a great deal more to report than last time, but I thought I should poke my nose in here anyway.  Alannah and I are doing great, and I feel lucky every damn day.  We have reached the "bicker about silly things" phase of the relationship, and I'm having fun with that.  See, I'm a Licensed Devil's Advocate, Journeyman Grade, so I can and will argue either side of a topic.  Sometimes during the same argument.  So it makes things...interesting, if nothing else.

But it makes me feel good that we can argue and disagree and still hold hands.  And we haven't gone to bed sleep angry.  :)

The weightloss is going well, I'm down a pant size so far and feeling good.  Yet another area of my life where Alannah has a positive affect on me....

Okay, so really I just came by to say how awesome Alannah is.  And having said that, I'm leaving.

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
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